Wednesday, July 19, 2017


AD 1000 TO  1363
comes to AMERICA
“You swarm
of buzzers,
which little bit will you snicker at?
I told you we had a ruling priest
         in the light
   on the other side.
.Bishop Erik Gnuppson is recorded in the ICELANDIC, NORWAY, and VATICAN records as leaving Nuuk, Greenland in AD 1121 to go to America.
Bishop Eric Gnuppson was known to fellow churchmen by his nickname, “HENRICUS.
One of the first acts of the English at Jamestown in AD 1610 was to equip 300 men with heavy armor, which could deflect longbow arrows.
Those armored men destroyed every village, killed the men and raped the women they could catch, between Jamestown and a place, shown on the map below, to the south east of RICHMOND, VI
HENRICUS may have built a
At HENRICO stood a ‘’MAGNIFICENT CHURCH,” which the English of Jamestown claimed they built.
The pictograph shows a “ Priest” along the coast of a land, which could be North America.   
Could HENRICUS have rowed down the Atlantic Coast to the James River, then up that river to the Norse community, which was living where the water and the ground was better?
[The colonial records indicate arranged meetings between the English and the "Indians" at two locations.  Both locations had Crosses that obviously stood in place before the English invasion.  
Could those crosses have been Catholic Crosses?

The Norse sailed with self-validating directions in their heads.
But every so often they took time to punch messages into stones.
The SPIRIT POND stones were only a portion of 72 Nordic instructions, which were instructions to sail  along the Atlantic Coast.
Can an historian continue to imply that North America was a NEW WORLD when the English invaded?
WHY do the history curriculums NOT mention HENRICUS and the church he built in HENRICO county?

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