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When the waves were calm
in the land they left,
the Lenape lived together there
in strong hollow houses with thick roofs.
Let us look up "LENAPE" in the VIKING AND THE RED MAN.
There are 15,000 LENAPE (a.k.a. Algonquin) words in a DROPBOX that contains ALL of Reider T. Sherwin's comparisons to prove that the LENAPE lanuguage is Old Norse.  Old Norse is still spoken in Iceland and in most of the tribes in North America east of the Rocky Mountains.
This assignment is an exercise for you to look up LENAPE words.  If you have a LENAPE word, you should be able to look up the original meaning.
Can't think of a LENAPE word?
Pick up map and start looking at place names:  Wilmington, Wyoming, Coney Island ...

You should start with a browser to search for LENAPE LAND.
ToC = "Touch or Click"
                                    V= screen change

NOTE: the LENAPE had an L-R speech difficulty.  West of Greenland they said "L," whereas east of Greenland they said "R" in place of "L.  The Norwegians take pride in rolling their "Rs."  There are over half a million LENAPE lists in the Google search pages.

Sherwin began to compile words using "R" words from NORSE speakers, who rowed directly to North America from Iceland and by-passed Greenland.

So search For "RENAPE."  look for files RENVI168 and RENV1169.

NOTICE THAT THE "VI" tells us that the word is in volume 1.

The page numbers are a hint that we need to look in "GENERAL VOCABULARY"  

What does "LENAPE" mean?

NOTE to viewers.  
This procedure of starting with a browser search and finding the page in the VIKING and the RED MAN has many opportunities for a new viewer to go astray.

I would like feedback from you.

Do I need to give you more or less instructions. 

 How difficult did you find the procedure?

Please cite trouble places.

 Could you, would you use the procedure to find the meaning of another LENAPE word?

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  1. What does “LENAPE” mean?
    About 880 years ago the name "Lenape" appears in the Genesis portion of the Maalan Aarum, one of the oldest histories of America. Historical records indicate that the Genesis portion of the Maalan Aarum may have been created by Roman Catholic Bishop Eric Gnuppson about 1121.
    So Lenape is the oldest name for the language of the North Atlantic.
    In 1350 the Lenape walked away from Greenland.
    Yes, I need more instructions. It is difficult for me to navigate on your blog, maybe I need more training.