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AD 1000 TO  1363

The poor, lonely, but tough men
became hunters and left
 those living in strong houses.
WHY did they become HUNTERS and LEAVE?
WHAT do the THREE PRONGS on each head mean?
Separated from home
like breasts on the same body
the hunters became tougher
extremely good and
they reached for the sky.
A similar icon exists in Europe.
What is the name of the European icon?
What does the European Icon hold?
Why the arrow and the paddle?
The hunters camped
in the north, east,
south and west.
The names they gave to places persisted 1,000 years
Where did the Hunters go?
HINT:  The names in the East and theWest begin with the “Kenne” syllables, which mean “wide” in Lenape.

The names in the North and in the South begin with “Winne,” syllables which means. “foul smelling” in Lenape.
Name four places that show, but do not limit, the hunter’s range.
What did the hunters leave behind?


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  1. WHAT do you do when you have to leave home because your older brother has the farm, Dad’s boat, and the best girl in the region?

    The oldest son inherited the farm and everything to the farm, then was also in a position where he cut marry the best girl in the region.

    Why did they become Hunters and Leave?

    After some generations there were no more land to occupy, so they have to move and find something for living so they became hunters and have to move after the best hunting places.

    What do the three prongs on each head mean?

    The pongs show religion “Father, Son and Holy Ghost” and the only religion in this area at that time were Catholics.

    An icon that looks similar exists in Europa. The Scandinavians god was THOR with the hammer and lightning.

    What is the name of the European icon? THOR.

    What does the European icon hold? A hammer.

    Why the arrow and the paddle? The were moving by paddling around and hunting.

    Where did the hunters go? The hunters ventured everywhere. They went to the east shores of Greenland. They went north along the west cost of Greenland. They went west by boat to what the call Marrike land and went up and down on the east cost of Marrike land.

    What did the hunters leave behind? The homebuilder they have to stay, because the livestock needed daily care.