Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The LENAPE called DE LA WARR'S kids.

This is the Seal of the Lenape on the east coast.  The cross at the top symbolizes that the LENAPE were already Christians, when Lord De La Warr's men raped the LENAPE women, who gave birth to "De La Warr's" kids.  The English insisted in calling the English bastards, "De La Warr's kids."  
Note the twelve bars making the circle. There were twelve churches of Norse Catholics, who called themselves "LENAPE," who migrated from Greenland.
"LENAPE" means to "abide with the pure"
Notice that the seal does NOT show any weapons to kill people.

The syllable "Len" or "Ren" was known throughout northern Europe to mean "pure" as in "baptised to be pure."

The 17th century English could recognize Norse speech because of the residual influence of the ninth and tenth century occupation of England by the Norse.

So, the pattern appears to indicate that the English forced the LENAPE to accept Delaware tribal names, even though the  LENAPE considered themselves LENAPE.

The payoff for the English was that the "LEN" syllable was erased from sight and nearly from history.

The De La Warr's kids were named after Lord De La Warr, who started the five year war of extermination of LENAPE in the James River Valley.  

Two issues with the Lord De La Warr's biograph are: 1.) Other authorities report 180 men with heavy armour and the latest flint rifles, and 2.) there is no evidence that the LENAPE resorted to the same tactics.  

John Smith's survival is one bit of evidence for the better LENAPE behavior.  

A portion of the Delaware (LENAPE) was forced to move to Oklahoma.

NOTE the similarity between the two seals.

The BOY SCOUT ORDER of the ARROW was based on the LENAPE behavior.  The Wikipedia for E. Ulmer Goodman includes this statement:

"Edson helped Goodman research the traditions and language of the Lenni Lenape—also known as the Delaware—who had once inhabited Treasure Island."

Edson himself researched the history and language of the Lenni Lenape (the Delaware Indians) in order to make the names and culture of the program authentic. He and Goodman conducted the original rituals and the speaking roles at the public campfire were primarily done by Edson."

The tragedy in this situation is that the moral principles of the Norse Catholics, who called themselves "LENAPE" were still observable by two men who did not know the nine century history of the LENAPE.  This retention of recognizable moral values is an amazing testimony to the perseverance of Christ's teachings through four centuries of extermination and systematic suppression by omission from history.

But now the Boy Scout Organization is using the word "Delaware" to cover up the sins of a few nasty Englishmen, who died four centuries ago, while millions of LENAPE have been denied their worthy heritage, because they have been nearly omitted from the history of a country they made a better land.

This situation does not seem to fall under the label of "Scouts honor."

The Boy Scouts should rectify the wording in their literature, exploit the Christian perseverance of the LENAPE, and make efforts to join with the existing LENAPE tribes to enhance both the Order of the Arrow and the LENAPE.

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