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On Feb 20, 2015, at 7:42 AM, Eric Hinrichs wrote:

... the main issues I feel that the group should address, including:
1.  How much did the Vatican know about Viking maps and journals covering the New World?  Why has this information been suppressed?
2.  Did, Columbus, spend nine months in Iceland prior to leaving for the New World?
3.  What specific Native American groups were impacted linguistically and culturally by the Norse?
3.  What has DNA research revealed about the travel routes of Native Americans and Viking/Norse settlers?
4.  Were the Narrangansett "Christian" Indians evangelized by Norse Catholics or later Monrovian priests?
5.  Is there any evidence, besides the Vatican chronicles, that the Norse priest, Erik Gnuppson, made it as far as Mexico to the Mayans?
6.  Were the Mandan Indians deliberately exterminated by the policies of Secretary of State Stewart?
7. Are the burial mounds and palisades at Cahokia in any way culturally related to similar practices of the Vikings and Mandan Indians?
8. Can any American Indian group identify the specific names of North American Indians mentioned in the Greenland Saga?
9. How many Vikings/Lenape emigrated from Greenland and how many of their descendents assimilated with Native Americans (Ann Stine said 40,000)?



I am pleased that the Viking Club of St. Louis organized a symposium.  I am pleased to be a speaker at the Symposium.  A trip to Cahokia mounds would be interesting.

Your list of important issues has alerted me that I will be speaking about Lenape to a large crowd that is interested in Vikings.  My speech will have to span a wide paradigm gap.

I researched Vikings, Norse, and Lenape for fifteen years. I developed my current paradigm that the Lenape ancestors were the original people of America after many years of study.  

Lenape means, "Abide with the pure."  They were practicing Christians before the Roman Catholic Church caught up with them in AD 1121 in Greenland.  Their Genesis is older than the original Vulcan Bible and theTorah.  The Lenape Genesis may have been the source for the Vulcan Bible and the Tora.

After AD 1125 the Lenape were/are also Catholics.

My paradigm has the Lenape with similar DNA heritage to 17 northern European Nations.  I think the ancestors of the Lenape were sea people in North America, Arctic, and Northern Europe. When ROW boats were the primary method to cross oceans, a trip between Norway and America only took 20 days, with no stage longer than six days.

Sea people have a different basic paradigm of the world than Land Lubbers do.  Sea people believe in non violent solution to conflicts.  Sea People can always row away, but they know that they may have to come back.  A peaceful place is a treasure. The Lenape history is a brief set of 184 stanzas, but many times a peaceful ruler gets a whole stanza.

Land Lubbers depend on agriculture, which requires land, which requires defense,  which requires an army, which requires continual development of weapons to kill people.  

My paradigm of the Vikings is that their name, in Old Norse, means Valley Place.  That  name may have started within a situation during 800 to 1066 in Britain. where the land Lubbers, the White Anglo Saxon on the hills, continued to develop war technology, armor and jousting,  while the people in the valley, Vikings, may have tried to develop non-violent solutions to conflicts like the round table.   

One version of King Arthur and the round table fable ends with an armored man on a war horse trampling the round table.  When the issue comes to control of land, Land Lubbers, who have the best weapons, usually win.

The WASPs, who wrote the history, used the label "Vikings" to create a bogey man image that persists today in the cartoon strip of Hagar the Horrible. 

 When we hear or see the word "Viking" most people's paradigms create the image in their heads that the 17th century WASPs wanted us to visualize.  A "Viking" is the ultimate Land Lubber bogey man.

I realize the seminar is a Viking Club of St. Louis event.  I am honored to be a speaker.
You could make my time more valuable to the audience if you would moderate their paradigms so that they expect less VIKING answers and more LENAPE history.

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