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Miami, Miami, Miami

On Sep 23, 2014, at 6:24 PM, PEOPLE OF ONE FIRE Wrote:
"Was There a Cultural Connection between South Ohio and South FlORIDA?"

ON Wed, Dec 10, 2014 5:31 pm, I ANSWERED:
To: People of One Fire

Subject: Re: Brainfood: 
"Was there a cultural connection between southern Ohio and southern Florida?"
REIDER T. SHERWIN wrote that "ANAMI" means "In the Heart."*  According to the Maalan Aarum, The Norse hunters went "everywhere."  I have been citing Miami, Ohio and Miami, Florida as two points in their travels for many years.

*AN AMI te = "in the heart" (Sherwin, see "ANAMI"

     MI AMI
(The "te" ending was dropped.
The syllable "an," which means "in"
was replaced by "mi," which means "my." )
All changes are consistent with vocal and syllable changes through centuries.
There may have been a third word "AKI," which means "land."


If "aki" was used, the word may have been dropped as being redundant.
Richard Thornton replied on December 10:
However,  Miami, Florida is the Anglicization of Mayaimi.  Two different words - two different languages.  
Myron Paine:
(Date: December 13, 2014 5:17:34 PM PST)
Subject: Re: Miami and Mayaimi are two different words

My ten bucks says the sailor in this picture spoke Norse. 

The White Anglo Saxaon Protestants found someone to "culturally clean" the picture. The culturally correct Linguists deny that the Algonquin, Muskogee, and Maya spoke Old Norse.   
They fooled you, didn't they?  They never listed Sherwin in their bibliographies.  A clear case of suppression by omission.  
It would be terribly embarrassingly to most linguists use public money, most of their life, and then make them admit that Algonquin, Muskogee, and Mayan words were derived from Old Norse.
The LENAPE Hunters traveled:
 to "Miami" (their heartland) in the Shawnee region (Ohio.)
to their "Heartland" in Florida and
to their "heartland" in Maya country.  

A few were unfortunate to run into arrogant bad guys.

If you do not want to believe that scenario, color the sailor brown before you show the picture to anyone else.

Then you, too, can be a suppressor But, unless, your readers know about Sherwin, so they can decide for themselves, you are already one of the suppressors of a whole language.

The blond sailor spoke Norse,  
The blond hunters eventually prevailed.  The hunters had  two heartlands.  Norse was spoken from Iceland, down the Mississippi, along the atlantic coast, and down into Maya country.
Show me the  evidence that refutes those statements.
Have a good hunt.
From: Don Greene
Subject: RE: Miami and Mayaimi are two different words
Date: December 15, 2014 1:53:25 AM PST
To: Myron D Paine

Cc: Second Chief Ron Monetoo Hapeakwa-Spirit Crow Starry Night Clark
Don Green Wrote:
Bezon dear brother Myron
I agree that the Norse made it to all those areas you named and even more
Our Algonquians-(Shawnee-Lenape-Munsee-Miami and all) predate the Maya by many years, even centuries so any concept of the Maya as ancestors of the Shawano-Shawnee or any Algonquians is ludicrous.
Some Mesoamericans were part of the ancestors of the Muskogee along with the combined Algonquian-Norse they met when they entered the Mississippi Valley.
One of my contentions is that our Algonquian were the inspiring force that raised the Maya from simple hunter-gatherers to village-living agriculturalists by arriving in the Yucatan via ancient trade routes. So for the Maya hundreds of years later to return to the southeast to establish trade-mining colonies is logical and sensible.

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