Friday, August 19, 2016

WEEK 15, Part C, OGEMA

When the English Invaded,
most AMERICANS were Catholics.
who spoke Norse.
Snowbird had been south before.
Snowbird and the LENAPE did not have GOOGLE MAPS, but if they had had, such a map, showing the destination that Snowbird advocated would have looked like this:

Notice that the route between the two OGEMAS is not straight lines, which may indicate that the route existed before modern engineers installed roads.

What does Ogema (or Ogima) mean?

Look at a magnified segment of the Eastern Omega’s Land.


The village of ULEN has the “Len” syllable.  The “U” might be similar to “OO.”
. ULEN is on the Little Rice River, where the grain (rice) seeds itself by dropping into the water.  Several American legends revolve around migrations to find the land of the self-seeding grain. 
A sword, which a man on the rescue team may have carried, was found near Ulen.
Do you think that this village may have been a campground for thousands of the Greenland Catholics, who spoke Old Norse?
The “Dal” of the village called “HITTEDAL” means “valley” (Like “Kanal Dal,” which became “Canada.”)
What does “Hitte” mean? 
[Hint: look for “hetta”.]
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