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On May 10, 2016, at 2:15 PM,
Red Dana
KQED 9 / KQED Plus Audience Services wrote:
I've kept your initial note as part of this reply in case you'd like to re-send it to the producers directly.

Myron  replied:


The “initial note” was:

I just got word that tonight, May 10, 2016; KQED will re-run VIKINGS UNEARTHED again.  I STRONGLY PROTEST!!!  That presentation features excellent research, but the overall paradigm is that there were no Norse west of Newfoundland.  That paradigm is a profound distortion of the events that really happened in the past.  VIKINGs UNEARTHED should not be aired unless there is a disclaimer that the VIKING VISITORS to NORTH AMERICA represents a greatly different, and more accurate paradigm.  The VIKING VISITORS was created in 1979 (37 years ago) by 27 experts.  The video was suppressed at first, until a Norwegian TV station showed in in 2010 (31 years AFTER it was created.  The film is still mostly ignored by Academia and media stations, like KQED.  Please, OH!, please show the VIKING VISITORS.

KQED 9 / KQED Plus
Audience Services  also wrote:

Regarding "Viking Visitors", apparently the producers of the program have not made it available for PBS stations to air. It hasn't been offered to us in the 20 years of broadcast history that our current database covers.

To which Myron wrote on May 10, 2016 5:15:32 PM PDT:
Odd?  The video is online for all to see.  Has been after Norway uploaded it in 2010.

But the better situation is for PBS media to get permission to publish the video and makr it available for students.

The Canadian Government is suppressing information.  The VIKING VISITORS was "in the can" for 31 years.  Somebody smuggled a disc to Norway.

 Meanwhile Thomas E. Lee, the lead researcher, died with disappointment, waiting for "approval."  Patricia Sutherland, the first woman in the video, was fired and her husband had his emartus status revoked (I did not think that was possible.)

The issue is Norse in America. The evidence in VIKING VISITORS is that they were here since AD 1050. The English still want to suppress all evidence and testimony.

Even here in the USA, the censorship predominates.

I, naively, thought my ancestors fought a war to stop English tyranny,

We, who believe in Norse in America, have a big communications problem to resolve.

I would appreciate any guidance you can give.  In 16 years of research I have used up most avenues of attempting to discuss the issue of [Norse in America.]

[I selected over 400 Archaeologists, Linguists, and History professors, who taught classes on Early American History.  I emailed or wrote to them about twice a year I asked for feedback.  Only less than 0.25% replied.  Half of those 10 said they were "not qualified to discuss the topic."  (Can you imagine a professor, who is paid with public funds, admiting to being "NOT qualified.]

As the movie of the most technological achievement of the most powerful nation emphasized:
 "Houston, we have a problem."

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