Friday, May 8, 2015


In colonial times the Norse Catholics, who called themselves LENAPE, had disagreements.  Most humans do.

Because they knew the ten commandmants the LENAPE were sensitive to a conflict that might result in violence.  Their heritage had included the sea people's ethics of resolution of conflicts by non-violent means.

But, occasionally, conflicts were difficult to control.  So the LENAPE developed a "standard operating procedure."

The Standard Operating Procedure was for each party in the conflict to put their children, women, and old men into a safety stockade with high walls.  The common agreement was that the safety stockade was a non-conflict zone.

The men met in the open terrain to resolve the conflict.  Often the conflict was resolved by a ''foot on the ground" tally.  The side having the most voters with two feet prepared for the confrontation often won the "vote."

An indecisive confrontation might have been settled by selected "chamions" engaging in a fight between the opposing groups of men.  But if things went downhill, the people in the safety stockade were usually spared unintended damage by misaimed arrows, rock, and occasional fire.

But the arrival of the White Anglo Saxon Protestans, WASPs, changed the tactics in the name of war.

The WASPs chose to destroy the safety stockades first!

The GREAT SWAMP FIGHT of 1675 is an outstanding example.

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