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 AGAIN!!!!!  TODAY!!!
Yesterday (1.3.15) I found this website via Google.
I wrote this comment, which I can still see on the web site
"Myron Paine 1 day ago (on 1/3/15)
What do you mean “The start of the story…”?
Last September we had 43 people on a tour of the man-modified Pelican River in Minnesota, where the Norse floated their boats from the Red River to the Mississippi River.
"Because of Reider t. Sherwin's eight volumes of the Viking and the Red Man, we know the Americans spoke Old Norse from Hudson Bay to the Panama Isthmus.
"This November we discussed the evidence of the two Norse sailors shown in a Central America mural. 
"We have a complete coherent compelling history ( of the Ice Age migration of the Norse from Greenland to Roanoke, Virginia, where the Englishman, Ralph Lane, shot the Norse historian at point blank in the head.
"Let us stop nickel and diming this history, which has evidence! Someone, preferably a university administrator, who have guts to face true history, should sponsor a symposium to compile the evidence of Norse in America."
This morning I checked on the web site via the same google listing and got:
Notice that my comment (as #1 one day ago) is now (#2 after I re-submitted it one day later.)  The website says that Norbert made the first comment five days ago.
OK, I may be paranoid. Four centuries of suppression does take a toll.  But it is still a WASP controlled country.  

YOU can NOT watch the full video unless you move to Canada or buy a $30 DVD.  It takes deliberate effort to make that viewing limitation happen. 

The subject matter, The Peoples of the Canadian Arctic, was  uncovered by Canadian researchers funded by the Canadian government.   While the funds for the discoveries may have been mostly Canadian, scientific ethics compels the researchers to reveal their findings to the rest of humanity.  Any restriction on the scientific knowledge is suppression by omission

The Norway versions of the Viking Visitors to North America average 4 or 5 viewers per day. [Viking Visitors to North America was suppressed for 29 years before the Norway Internet published the film in two pieces.  Sutherland is the third closeup face seen in the Viking Visitors video.]
How long will my comment be visible?
Better yet.  Why don't you make a comment to determine if they suppress you too.

January 4, 2015

I tried to find the CBC episodes of The Norse: An Arctic Mystery.  I discovered that they showed up missing from the CBC web site.  Did anyone care enough to suppress public knowledge to this extent?

In the process of the search I found this link:

I hope you find the video sickening.


January 6 2015

I made this comment on The fifth estate link above:

"The Harper government is committing a crime against humanity. Hitler’s Nazis used the same strategy. They committed suppression by omission.

This process happened before on the American Continent.  The result is a profoundly distorted history of North America.  The distorted history has denied the human rights of the American people, who welcomed the White Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASP)s.

In 1607, the Americans, from Hudson Bay to the Isthmus of Panama, spoke Old Norse.  The Americans called themselves "Lenape." 

Look at a recent Google Listing:
2.              U.S. National Park Service I In the 17th and 18th centuries, they were called Lenape, Oneida, Ottawa, and Wyandot. These tribes were no match for European diseases or colonists. 

In the second Puritan War, in 1675, the Lenape, Narragansett (ON= Narrow passage place) tribe feared another war of extermination.  They built a strong palisade in a remote swamp.  They moved about 1600 Narragansett women, children, and men to the palisade.  

 The Pilgrims started the war against the Wampanoag (ON = "White folks") tribe. But the first major battle was the slaughter of the Narragansett in the "great swamp fight."

Then the English people returned a Catholic, James II, to the throne. He soon created the Dominion of New England. The WASPs viewed the Dominion as a Catholic organization to remove WASP charters.

The Puritans owned the only printing presses in a Lenape land. They suppressed the Lenape by omitting their existence.  The Puritan bible classes became a model for the U. S. Educational institutions.  The suppression continues.

The Harper government continues the institutionalized suppression by omission.


Do NOT commit the SIN of suppression by omission.


January 7 2015

I did not find my comment.  The latest comment was One month ago.

I have reviewed the submission guide lines.  Perhaps I should have used "allegedly" in front of "committed" but the "crime against humanity" is for the court of public opinion to judge.

Maybe my content was blocked because I urged people to "DO SOMETHING."  The Fifth estates guidelines state that my content will be rejected if I advocate
  • "Attempts to mobilise people for any purpose outside of a CBC event"
The The Fifth Estate editors have the privilege of blocking comments or even stopping them one month ago.  

Still--my comment is omitted and therefore suppressed!

 Maybe my content has not been reviewed yet.  We will have to wait longer to see.
Jan 8, 2015.  
The second day of the Silence of the Lambs suppression of my comments.

Jan 9, 2015
The Third day of the Silence of the Lambs
suppression of my comments.

Yesterday (Jan 8, 2015) my original comment was still not visible.  So, I submitted a new comment, a list of titles of the most active posts on my five active Blogs.  The number of Characters was well below the limit of 1,800 and, I think, there were no politically incorrect statements.

In my opinion the comment was squeaky clean.  But today, the "in process" dots are still churning on the "Newest" comment setting;

Jan 10, 2015

No Change.

SO, still--my comments are omitted.  Therefore they are suppressed!

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